The Streaming Network

The Streaming Network

Built from the ground up using over 50 years of combined experience, our streaming network is built to perform for streaming publishers of all sizes. Our privately owned infrastructure and core routing capabilities allows us to deliver to any global audience on a miniature or massive scale dynamically. Our team of expert streaming engineers work tirelessly to bring innovative features and reporting to publishers whilst providing unrivalled support 24/7.

Key Features

Geo Locking

Geo lock streams down to country, region or single IP addresses

User Agent Redirection

Redirect your audience on specific hardware platforms to different content at the click of a button

Feed Failover

Specify live streams, playlists and live loops as a backup source in the event of feed failure

Feed Transcoding

Transcode your source stream into different formats and bit rates. Schedule it to change source.

Content Monetisation Options

Monetise your content using our approved partner network plugins

Built To Perform

Privately owned high-performance network built to scale for publishers of all sizes

Reliable Network

Your event will be broadcast through our intelligent network for the best quality experience

Scaleable Solutions

Services can be scaled and customised to suit your needs

24/7 Support

Have Sharpstream engineers be part of your broadcast team from start to finish

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