Introducing SharpStream

SharpStream is the leading streaming platform for smart streamers. Whether it’s streaming for live or on demand, our simple, expandable service can be tailored to fit your workflow needs.

Our expertise means that we’re uniquely positioned to help our customers stream their audio content because we understand the challenges faced by broadcasters. From big household names to niche, ethnic and community stations, audio content publishers around the world are powered by our simple and smart platform. We live and breathe streaming and know it inside out.

We’ve delivered content for high profile sports broadcasters you might have heard of, like the Premier League, Wimbledon and the European Golf Championships.

We’re counted upon by some of the world’s biggest brands to stream their audio content live to internet audiences.

Production and events companies choose us for one off broadcasts because we help their content reach eyes and ears online.

Our strong customer base rate us; in fact some of them so much, that they have been with us since we delivered our first byte in 2001.

And that’s not all.

In 12 years, we’ve got a track record of 99.95% uptime.

Impressed? We hope you will be. Why not say hello to get your test trial of the SharpStream platform today?

Simple, reliable, flexible and smart, SharpStream is the ultimate package for streaming.

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