Audio Streaming Platform

Audio Streaming Platform

From simple point-to-point audio streaming to complex audio streaming automation, the SharpStream platform gives content producers the tools they need to manage online audiences at any scale. We deliver billions of listening hours to audiences around the world, helping to grow our clients' listenership and make the most of the content they produce.

We work with both commercial and non-commercial broadcasters and content producers, publishing your content exactly when you want, where you want and for how long you want.

Our bespoke platform and understanding of your objectives means we are uniquely positioned to deliver any streaming audio workflow imaginable. We work with content producers around the world, helping them to maximise the distribution and monetisation of their output.

• National and international radio networks use our tools to automate  their on demand services and simulcast their FM broadcast online.

• Major sporting organisations around the world  use our platform to live stream commentary and historic sporting moments to audiences all around the world.

• Music venues and institutions use our platform to replay moments of magic and offer exclusive content to their fans.

• Record labels use our tools to build playlists and live loops, driving website engagement and direct revenue streams.

• Audio platforms use our tools to stream users' content to their global audience and maximise engagement and monetisation opportunities.  

SharpStream's audio platform is simple, reliable, flexible and smart - designed with audio content producers in mind.

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Key Features

Publishing Scheduler

Control when your content publishes and expires on every platform.

Recording Automation

Automatically populate catch-up and on-demand services using your broadcast schedule

Side Channel Generator

Build extra real time channels from your recorded content


Analyse your audience to find out who connected, where they were from and popular engagement trends

Feed Manager

Control public and private content feeds manually or automatically

Content Syndication

Synchronise your content to 3rd party publishing platforms

Reliable Network

Your event will be broadcast through our intelligent network for the best quality experience

Scaleable Solutions

Services can be scaled and customised to suit your needs

24/7 Support

Have Sharpstream engineers be part of your broadcast team from start to finish

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