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Case Study: Spectrum Radio Network

Sharpstream Robot

Spectrum Radio Network is Europe's largest international radio network, operating from a multi-ethnic radio station based in London. Spectrum Radio distinguished itself by offering foreign language programmes since its inception in 1990. The station itself covers over 20 different ethnic communities including:

  • Arabic
  • Tamil
  • South American
  • Ethiopian
  • Chinese
  • Jewish
  • Irish

Spectrum Radio recently joined forces with SharpStream to offer their listeners the only multi-ethnic foreign language station in the UK via their different radio platforms:

  • AM
  • DAB
  • Online via live streaming & listen again

‍SharpStream's full platform portal suite allows the station to utilise the recording automation which automatically populate catch-up and on-demand services using a broadcast schedule. Additionally, Spectrum Radio have the custom integration portal in place, allowing them to integrate specialist internal systems to allow an easy communication process.